NFTs That's Supporting Students In Need.

All Minting Sales Profits Will Be Donated!



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Collect your Favourite NFT & Support a Student in Need by Paying their School Fees, Uniform Including Lunch for the next year!


All the Minting Sales Profits Will Be Donated to the ACF School!

Running Students

Making a Change With NFTs


About MPI NFTs

Meta Paradise Island is a centered ecosystem where a virtual Meta Island will own real-life island resorts. The first NFT Series sales will be donated to the ACF School for students with special needs.
There are also 100 special NFTs if purchased that will help support a student for 1 full year by paying their school fees.
The next NFT Series will involve a brand new roadmap for a future real-life island resort, gaming community benefits & utilities! By owning at least 1 MPI NFT you will have an added benefit for future NFT drops. The listings will go live soon on Opeansea.